Flavor Paper Hand Screen Printing

Flavor Paper is known worldwide for its mastery of the fine art of large format hand silk screening. They go from design to film to screen to wallpaper entirely in house to maximize quality control and creative freedom. While maintaining the ancient hand pulled aspect of the craft, they also utilize technology to get the cleanest and most precise print possible. Flavor Paper uses only water-based inks without solvents, so your wallpaper never emits toxins or even scent (unless you opt for one of the scratch and sniff patterns!). In addition to their extensive ink library you can choose any of the standard grounds including traditional clay coated papers for a classic matte background, mirror-finish chrome or gloss mylars, matte metallics, textured metallic foils, holographic material, or durable vinyls for bathrooms and high traffic areas. Since they allow you to mix and match any of these components, making any handscreened pattern your own is a snap.

Flavor Paper print all of their wallpaper to order to minimize waste and allow you this level of customization without extra cost or lead-time.

All handscreened Flavor Paper trims to 27“” wide, but is sold untrimmed as 15‘’ long single rolls. They print and package in triple rolls minimums.

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