Flavor Paper Digital Printing

Advances in wide format digital printing have made it possible to create magnificent digital wallpaper and Flavor Paper is ahead of the curve. We print at 52” wide with water-based latex ink on eco-friendly Class A grounds like Nolar and Terralon (PVC-free, recyclable, breathable, FSC sourced) and eco-friendly water activated Pre-pasted (PVC-free, FSC certified, 10% recycled content, mold and mildew resistant) for easy installation and removal. We also print at 52” wide with eco-solvent inks on Type II textured vinyls like Plater and Silky canvas.

We think the beauty of digital wallpaper lies in the ultimate scaleabilty and vast color range, especially with large scale murals. We adjust the size of the print to fit your specific wall by breaking up the image into strips according to the layout. There is very little overage required and seams disappear for a clean, beautiful look. Colors and backgrounds can be tweaked to your specifications from solid color, wood grain, paint drips to camouflage. We have a broad range of pattern and mural options or we can turn your idea, image, or inspiration into any type of wall covering.

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