Vipp's story begins in Randers, Denmark in 1939 when the wife of Holger Nielsen asks him to produce a stainless steel waste bin for her new hairdressing salon. So the very first Vipp was made as a labor of love. Soon local dentists and doctors wanted the Vipp stainless waste bin for their practices. The original Vipp waste bins continued in production for more than 50 years. Today Vipp is run by Nielsen's descendants. Vipp products are functional, unique and handmade in Denmark from high quality materials. 

On numerous occasions, Vipp has collaborated with international designers and artists in creating one-of-a-kind art objects, which have been exhibited and auctioned off for charity.

The original Vipp waste bin has now been supplemented by a range of products ideal for bathroom, kitchen, bedroom and office spaces as well.

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