Arne Jacobsen Roman Clock from Rosendahl



After several years in exile a true design classic from Arne Jacobsen, the master architect, is now returning. Rosendahl has acquired the rights to recreate and manufacture the Roman clock, which Arne Jacobsen originally created when designing Aarhus City Hall in 1942. At the same time, the Banker's and City Hall clocks will also be returning as Rosendahl has also acquired the rights to these two models. To ensure the clocks are recreated entirely in accordance with and true to the style and spirit of Arne Jacobsen, the Rosendahl design company has initiated close collaboration with the architect and designer Teit Weylandt, who for many years directed product development at Arne Jacobsen’s studio and later at Dissing + Weitling.

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  • Made in Denmark
  • Design: Arne Jacobsen
  • Year: 1942
  • Materials: aluminum frame and curved crystal, AA battery included
  • Dimensions: Ø 11.4"


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