Bend Goods

Bend is a furniture and product design house. What inspires us? Just as lines are written to create a story, our lines are designed to create structures inspired by our lives. 

Our wire chairs are made up of intricate arrangements of wires or lines through a hand crafted method of shaping and spot welding, a process we like to call ‘bending.’ Each bend is carefully arranged to ensure structural strength, while the angles of the back, the curves of the seat, and the closeness of the wires are designed to encourage relaxation and utility.

The first thing people say when they sit on our chairs, "Its so comfy!" Over and over we hear surprise from our customers who sit in our chairs and realize how comfortable our wire chairs really are.

Bend was founded by Gaurav Nanda, a designer and entrepreneur. Gaurav always loved to create. As a kid growing up in the suburbs of Detroit, Gaurav would find himself building something, joining something, or bending something, whether it be constructing a teepee, painting with oils, or throwing pots. Once he made a screen printing machine, where he built a frame, stencil, and got a squeegee to pass paint thru. It was to mark the beginning of his t-shirt printing business. Needless to say, he gave it up for bigger and better things. Today Gaurav is doing the same thing. He is creating.

Gaurav spent much of his corporate life designing cars, and later was part of the design and conception of Clocky, the alarm clock that runs away beeping. He currently lives in Los Angeles.

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