Pansy Heddle Woven Floor Mat by Chilewich

Heddle is named for an integral element of the loom on which it was developed. On a loom, each warp yarn is threaded through the eye of a heddle: similar to threading a sewing needle. Lifting and lowering the heddles in deliberate sequences creates different weave structures. Suitable for indoor
and outdoor use. 

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  • Design: Sandy Chilewich
  • Made in the USA with TerraStrand® and Microban®
  • Material: Self-bound woven vinyl
Custom sizes available - please email us for details at
PLACEMENT Your indoor/outdoor woven floor mat is best suited to dry surfaces. To prevent your mat from slipping on smooth surfaces, use a rug pad or carpet tape. Your mat may be used on floors with radiant heating, provided that the floor temperature does not exceed 85°F/30°C. Avoid placing objects made of rubber (including rubber castors) on your mat, as discoloration may occur. Your mat is made with advanced technology to prevent fading, but, like all textiles, it may fade when placed in direct sunlight for protracted periods.

CARE Whether your mat lives indoors or outdoors, make sure to occasionally air it out by turning it over. When moving or storing, roll up your mat and tie loosely. In the case of wrinkling, do not iron your mat. Instead, steam it lightly using a handheld steamer.

CLEANING Do not machine wash your mat. To spot clean, use a brushless vacuum to remove loose dirt. Blot spills quickly with a damp, lint-free cloth. More persistent stains can be cleaned with spot cleaner and wiped with a cloth. Once the spot is cleaned, lift and clean the floor. Allow both mat and floor to dry completely before replacing the mat. To deep clean, hand rinse mat with water and light detergent, allowing it to air dry completely before placing it back on the floor

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