"ere-be-dragons" Blue & Red Wallpaper by PaperBoy

A new boy's wallpaper design mixing together traditional fairytale imagery and a cheeky young boy. Children love dragons, and they love imaginary sword fighting. ‘ere-be-dragons invites them to explore danger, fear and fun. A boy caught up in the thick of the action. How might a small boy might try and engage with a dragon? He could be a bit naughty, stealing an egg from a sleeping dragon, or attacking a huge treasure hoarding beast. Or he might be peaceful & kind, offering an apple to a baby dragon. Our children will never meet a real dragon, in the same way they will never meet Merlin, but they can enjoy imagining how it might be if they did. Because they're imaginary, dragons can be whatever a child wants them to be. Imagine yourself in their world, capturing a small dragon and flying it like a kite.

A boy's wallpaper in a powder blue with dragons & a feisty boy in cherry red.

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  • Design: Victoria Cramsie
  • Made in Norfolk, England
  • Dimensions: L 11 yards W 20.5"
  • Repeat: 20.9"
  • Color: powder blue / red
  • Material: FSC accredited sustainable forest paper
  • Ships from England in 1 - 6 weeks

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