"D'ya-think-e-saurus" Purple Wallpaper by PaperBoy

Children love dinosaurs. 'D'ya-think-e-saurus' boys wallpaper invites them to explore danger, fear and fun. A boy caught up in the thick of the action. The images were hand drawn and played about with to explore how a small boy might try and engage with dinosaurs. He could be a bit cheeky, grabbing a ride on the claws of a pterodactyl, or down-right scared of the T-Rex chasing him. Or he might be peaceful & curious, lying down for a chat with a group of flesh eating procompsognathuses. Our children will never meet a real dinosaur, in the same way they will never meet Darth Vader, but they can enjoy imagining how it might be if they did. Because they're extinct, dinosaurs can be whatever a child wants them to be. Imagine yourself in their world, hiding under a bush, hoping they don't see you.

Childrens dinosaur wallpaper in a gorgeous berry purple with dinosaurs and a small boy in a glistening silver.

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  • Design: Victoria Cramsie
  • Made in Norfolk, England
  • Dimensions: L 11 yards W 20.5"
  • Repeat: 20.9"
  • Color: purple / silver
  • Material: FSC accredited sustainable forest paper
  • Ships from England in 1 - 6 weeks

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