"Animal Magic" Grey Wallpaper by PaperBoy

Most children get to an age when they’re intrigued by slightly macabre things. They watch Dr Who on a Saturday night – from behind the sofa. And they can’t help poking with a stick at that dead bird they found. It’s a bit scary, but it’s fascinating. It’s even fun. And they’re often intrigued by skeletons, too. Perhaps it’s a way of beginning to get to grips with the dark side of life, with mortality, in a safe way. Perhaps it’s just because skeletons have such fantastic shapes. 'Animal Magic' wallpaper explores this fascination in a light-hearted way by presenting a slightly sinister side of the traditional, benign family pet. We’ve printed the pet’s skeleton on top of its silhouette in a varnish of the same color. This means it shouldn’t show at night – so it’s not too scary when the lights are out. But it catches the light during the day when all the spooks are gone. So the children’s interest in the dark and scary can be indulged in an intriguing way. And still be beautiful.

Solid black silhouettes with glossy black varnish skeletons screen printed on a grey background.

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  • Design: Victoria Cramsie
  • Made in Norfolk, England
  • Dimensions: L 11 yards W 20.5"
  • Color: grey / black
  • Material: FSC accredited sustainable forest paper
  • Ships from England in 1 - 6 weeks

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