Luis Eslava Studio

Cock-a-doodle-doo! Time to get up. We’re lucky today. The sun is out. It’s time to sow new ideas, transplant a couple of concepts, go up the hill to fetch a few “sketches” and prune some prototypes, and, time permitting, we’ll sell them at the market. At school we were taught that one plus one equals two, but when it’s time for “field work”, there are many more factors that mean the result is not always two, or three or four. And no matter how good the seeds are, how fertile the soil, how right the sowing times and seasons and no matter whether we use a scarecrow or not, no one can guarantee a good harvest. Storms or hailstones can destroy everything!! Perhaps you should have used more fertilizer! Or even serenaded the shoots! Creating is that little bit extra. it is sowing those ideas we have inside, making them grow and blossom. For some time now, we’ve been carefully tending our orchard, and some products have grown and are beginning to bear fruit. But, just in case, we’ll keep one eye on the sky.

Luís and Lore, farmers of ideas.


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