Design By Us

Design By Us is a team of dynamic design makers that will inspire you with their innovative and vibrant design. Located in Copenhagen Denmark, Design By Us mostly specializes in total establishments and offer complete contemporary design solutions for both the residential and the commercial markets. Design By Us represent a wide range of industrial, architectural and interior design, which is made with functionality and a touch of humor in mind.

The first design in the new line of products is RAW DIAMONDS BY US - 5 raw, uncut diamonds created by Denmark’s leading design originals from Design By Us. They are the first to be given full artistic freedom to create a unique and uncompromising product series.  The result is a raw, refined table service comprising thermo cup, espresso thermo cup, vase, plate and bowl.

RAW DIAMONDS BY US is made from porcelain and the intention was to discover the material anew and create intriguing surface contrasts. Raw and faceted on the outside like an uncut diamond, and glazed on the inside with a cool, decorative motif reminiscent of tattoos, rococo patterns and Japanese flower designs. Architect Rasmus Larsson, creative director and founder of Design by Us, describes his inspiration for RAW DIAMONDS BY US:

“We wished to create a totally new look for a classic table service comprising vase, cups, plate and bowl with a design DNA that would not be, so to speak, immediately ‘readable’. We have worked intensely with the unbroken element, which is emphasised by the matt surface. The surprise element is the Asian flower motif in strong colours, which creeps up the inside surface,” explains Rasmus Larsson, whose expectations of RAW DIAMONDS BY US are high and who dreams of seeing the series grow to include several more elements.

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