Washington DC City Plate



Pop. 5.3 million

Founded in 1790 along the banks of the Potomac, the planned city’s layout was influenced by the Baroque style (the prominent style of the day for planned cities in the U.S.) and drafted by Pierre Charles L’Enfant, a French architect who arrived with Gen. Lafayette during the Revolution. 

The National Mall, rendered in bright green, is expansive, taking up as much space as the main stretch of the Las Vegas Strip. The Potomac River, depicted in blue, bisects the plate and is the border between Washington, D.C. and Virginia. The green areas along the Virginia side of the plate are Rock Creek Park, which is twice the size of Central Park, and the enormous 
Arlington National Cemetery. 

The Washington Monument, the Lincoln Memorial, the Capitol, and the White House are represented in red, but appear tiny when compared to the mammoth structures seen in Vegas and Dubai. The large red Pentagon is unmistakable. Covering nearly 30 acres, it is the only building in the city with a scale that eclipses Vegas’ giant casinos.

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