London City Plate



Pop. 13.9 million

This former Roman outpost was established as the seat of British power by William the Conqueror. The city underwent two major catastrophes in rapid succession: a plague in 1665 and a fire in 1666 that wiped out 85% of its buildings. By the age of industrialization, London was not only a thoroughly modern city, but also the seat of a vast colonial empire that served as model for the development patterns of its new settlements.

Today, London is a sprawling city, large enough to accommodate strikingly modern architecture along with relics of the past, an evolution of city form that writes its history into the urban landscape. The large white area ties together the location of the original Roman Settlement with the Tower of London (in red) to the center of the Empire with Buckingham Palace (in red).

  • Boxed
  • Dimensions: Ø 12" 


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