Dubai City Plate



Pop. 1.5 million

A city where man-made islands are fashioned in the shape of palm trees and plans for the world’s first rotating skyscraper are underway, Dubai is Las Vegas on steroids. The city’s erratic, spiraling layout is the combined result of a rich history that dates to at least 3000 B.C. and the contemporary drive to create and contain the perfect artificial environment. 

The Dubai plate is distinguished by the vast blue expanse of the Persian Gulf that is kept at bay by the city’s strange, mesmerizing form, a form that owes its unique patterns to the current, unceasing explosion of commerce and trade. Along the shore is Jebel Ali, the largest manmade harbour in the world. With 67 berths it is the biggest port in the Middle East.

The areas in red depict highlights of the robust architectural development in the city, including the Burj Dubai, which became the world’s largest skyscraper on July 21, 2007. The sprawling Dubai International airport is seen in white along the edge of the plate, its mammoth scale eclipsing the tiny Reagan National airport seen on the Washington, D.C. plate.

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