Brasilia City Plate



Pop. 2.5 million

Brasilia, a very new city whose 41-month construction began in 1956, was inaugurated in April 1960, when the government migrated from Brazil’s two former capitals, Rio de Janeiro and Salvador. Brasilia is futuristic and ambitious; it was principally designed by Lucia Costa and Oscar Niemeyer in what has been termed the ‘Pilot Plan’. A huge influx of migrants instantly created a larger city than any planner had ever envisioned, and continues to keep Brasilia on the map as a growing city. 

A percentage of all Brasilia City Plate sales will be donated to the Amazon Conservation Team (ACT), a nonprofit group that helps displaced local tribes protect their forest, culture, and ancient system of healing that uses the forest’s abundant botanical resources; at the same time, the tribes are offered job opportunities, education, and clean water.

  • Boxed
  • Dimensions: Ø 12"


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