"Hand Made" Blue Wallpaper by PaperBoy



Children have been entertaining themselves by making shadow shapes for thousands of years. A source of light and a playful impulse and – hey presto! – magical characters are literally projected onto the wall. We love the idea that anyone can make something ‘by hand’. Even if you’re not great at drawing or painting you can still explore your creative side, making animals with your own hands. It takes practice to get it right, but trying is as much fun as succeeding. In 'Hand Made' these natural world images come together in a pleasing wallpaper pattern, designed to engage and amuse the child who is surrounded by it. So go on, close the curtains, get out your flashlight and see what you can come up with.

Using a grey-blue ink for the background and screen printing the animal shapes in a darker blue.

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  • Design: Victoria Cramsie
  • Made in Norfolk, England
  • Dimensions: L 11 yards W 20.5"
  • Color: shades of blue
  • Material: FSC accredited sustainable forest paper
  • Ships from England in 1 - 4 weeks


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